I am blown away so far by everyone's generosity on my GoFundMe so much so that now it is time to give back. I am still a far cry away from my goal but with so many visitors to my website and social media pages I wanted to use this platform to help where I can. A percentage of proceeds will now go to a cause very close my heart. 

I was lucky in life to be blessed with three beautiful children one of which is my son Pj. Pj was born with Down Syndrome but has never let anything hold him back in life. Since he was young Pj has been attending St Francis Special School, St Frances is committed to maintaining an orderly, trusting and caring environment where teaching and learning experiences are exciting and pupils are assisted as they develop independence.

St Frances Special School is currently fundraising to get their own Wheelchair accessible bus, their social outings not only help the students, but also their families who support them every day. One post from the social media page of St Frances Special School read "We want all our children at Sfss to experience school tours, social outings & much more." After reading this I knew I had to do something. I have seen myself how these outings benefit the children at Sfss and to think that any of the children may be unable to attend is due to lack of accessibility is saddening. 

Going forward all donations to my GoFundMe will have a percentage put towards helping St Frances Special School get their bus. Any donation big or small is so much appreciated.

Thank you



Here is a link to the St Frances Special School website for anyone who would like to find out more or donate directly