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This August I set sail  from Kilrush co Clare in Ireland on my solo circumnavigation. To sail around the world has been a lifelong dream. My aim is to stop and talk with schools, organizations and people along my route and share my story with them . Talk about Ireland and my experiences along my voyage so far. For me that would be beautiful, to meet all these people and possibly show them a different look at life and I in turn will learn so much from them too. I can only imagine the beautiful people and places I will visit. Maybe I will encourage them to travel, learn to sail, or even teach them to sail? The possibility’s are endless .I invited you all to come along on my voyage of dreams with me and share the experience.

I have been working non-stop on this project for three years, preparing waxwing for the circumnavigation. Now money and preparation for the voyage are my main focus, so I am looking for donations. I estimate I need €80,000 to finish this project and make history.

A percentage of all donations will also be going to a charity just like before. 


Thank you so much to everyone not only for your donations but for your kind messages, well wishes and support.


Here is a link to the St Frances Special School website for anyone who would like to find out more or donate directly

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