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About Me

My name is Peter Lawless, I was born in limerick city Ireland. I have 3 beautiful children Emily, Rachel and PJ along with 4 grandchildren, I love them all dearly.


Growing up I sailed with my Dad, Mum, brothers and sister. I started sailing in an Optimist dinghy when I was 4 years old. Now 52 and I have not stopped sailing since then. Sailing is one thing throughout my life that I have always loved.

Working my way up through different boats over the years, from open timber sailboats to steel and fiberglass yachts. In 2016 I bought Waxwing the Rival 41 the yacht I will sail around the world.

Spending years doing up old boats I have learned a lot and now I am lucky to work on boats for a living, I repair boats, restore older/tired boats and I really love it, as well as this I am a delivery skipper. I sail boats locally and internationally. Getting to sail all different types of Yacht’s and meeting lovely people along the way.

Since I was a child, I have always loved survival movies, stories and books. Solo sailing for me is the ultimate survival challenge. You have to be everything, sailor, navigator, Mechanic, cook and keep everything working perfectly as well as sailing safely across the oceans.

I have always wanted to sail around the world, every aspect of the challenge is exciting for me. In 1996 my Father came back after a 3-year solo circumnavigation at the age of 70, sailing into Kilrush Marina. He was a huge inspiration for me and we were all so proud of him.

I have had to take courses and exams over the years and one of them was my Yacht master ocean course, this is where I learned Celestial navigation and the use of the sextant. There is something lovely about looking at a paper chart and marking your position along a route.

This circumnavigation is a big challenge and not a decision I made overnight but I have a great boat, fantastic family and friends behind me and with good preparation and equipment it will be incredible.

I hope you enjoy following my adventure too.

Peter Lawless

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