The Challenge

On August 2022 I will begin my second attempt to sail solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world from Ireland back to Ireland via the 5 great capes.
I will be using a sextant and paper charts as my primary navigation tools. 

If I am successful, I will be the first Irish person to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world.
I estimate the trip will take approximately 8 months nonstop. My yacht Waxwing is a Rival 41, she is a standard production offshore cruising yacht that I have upgraded for the challenge. In my first attempt Waxwings steering was damaged after my rudder was hit by a Whale. I will spend the next few months Preparing Waxwing for our journey once more.
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Below is a link to my go fund me where I am raising funds to start off the preparations for my journey, your donations are a massive help to get me off the ground. A percentage of all donations is Going towards a very worthy cause, Click here to learn more.
I am also looking for Lead sponsors who will then be featured on my Yacht as I sail around the world? 
 If you would like to be a sponsor click here to contact the team.
Blue Water
Track Peter
Peters boat can be tracked live on Predict Wind.
Click the link below to track peter.
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Keep up to date with Peter while at sea by reading his Blog.



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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see my Journey unfold.

The entire trip will be recorded and documented from start to finish, from preparation of Waxwing to upgrades, fitting new equipment, sea trials and then the trip itself.
I have been working non-stop on this project for two years. Preparing waxwing for the circumnavigation. I have waxwing almost ready and will be showing you all of my updates on my channel.

I will also have a live tracker for people to follow my position and progress live, this will be available to view as soon as I set sail.